Our Road

GOING FORWARD We did it! Well, you did it! Hell, we all did it! On July 15th, we celebrated the release of our debut album Somnambulist. Friends and family gathered at Last Exit Live to hear two of our favorite bands open the show; Ghetto Cowgirl and Japhy's Descent. The list of "thank you's" continues to grow as the community continues to embrace and support us. Of course there is Uncle Curtis from STEM Recording--always there guiding and supporting us. Thomas Laufenberg, you're a genius and consummate teacher. Deon Doughty for the amazing interpretation of our music in the album art.

Most recently we have gained friends and support from Mitchell Hillman who has been incredibly kind, generous and genuine in his reviews of our music. Also, KWSS and Beef, thank you for taking a chance on the new kids and supporting us and the show. After the show, we were imparted with some sage advice; this is a community and the community looks out for one another. It works because of the reciprocity that exists in this community. And then, we were welcomed. Not as in "you're welcome", but rather welcomed into the community. There was no better way to end an already perfect evening than with that.


In early June, our guitarist Todd parted ways with Young's Modulus due to ongoing health issues. It was a difficult decision for all of us, but Todd needs to be healthy as does the band. We wish Todd nothing but the best and good health and he will forever be a part of Somnambulist and for that, we are grateful. As the saying goes, "when one door closes, another opens" and Ryan King willingly walked through ours and boy, are we glad he did! Ryan was an integral part of Somnambulist as well since he works at STEM with Curtis and worked with Young's Modulus on the album staring with preproduction. It was clear that after only a few practices together that Ryan was going to become a permanent member of Young's Modulus.

So, without further ado and in the spirit of GOING FORWARD, we are happy to officially announce the NEW Young's Modulus with Mike on lead vocals and guitar, Tommy on skins, Sean on bass and.....Ryan on guitar! We could not be more excited and there is already so much in the works for us. Mike and Ryan are already writing, talk of a Somnambulist tour is on the table and plans to return to STEM next summer is being discussed. Also, the website is going to be revamped and of course, shows, shows and more shows!

The success of Young's Modulus in our year together is not lost on any of us and we plan to keep the momentum going. And with you and the community that we have been embraced by, anything is possible and we intend to achieve it and pay it forward every step of the way. #StayTuned and #RockLocal