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"The album is nostalgic enough to be entertaining, but is thrilling enough

to be an absolute rock 'n roll joyride."

-Mitchell Hillman, JAVA Magazine

We are Young's modulus


The term “Young’s Modulus” is named for 18th century physician and physicist Thomas Young. Scientifically, Young’s Modulus is the relationship between stress and strain in a material. Musically, Young’s Modulus creates elastic alternative rock sounds that are the perfect balance of nostalgia and modern day. The music is reminiscent of ‘90s era grunge yet relevant and authentic enough to take you on an aural rock ‘n roll joyride!

With the release of their debut album in July of 2016, Young’s Modulus’ sound has been equated to that of early King’s of Leon, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Somnambulist received wide-spread support and acclaim and was named as one of the best local albums of 2016. As Mitchell Hillman describes: “If '90s music comforts your soul, you will want to get a hold of Somnambulist immediately” (Phoenix New Times, July 2016).


Vocals & Guitar | Mike Johnson
Guitar | The Ryan King
Bass | Tim Caggiano
Drums | Gary Smith





"The opening track [of Somnambulist} recalls the more infectious pop side of the Foo Fighters' best work and by the second track they've settled into the moodier territory of a Pearl Jam or Temple of the Dog.... And it helps that guitar-playing singer Mike Johnson has the voice to make it sound as radio-friendly as those frames of reference." (July 14, 2017) -Ed Masley,

-Phoenix Local Music Picks


"Young's Modulus released one of the best debut records of the year last summer, and the entire Somnabulist album is a fantastic romp through modern takes on the band's influences from the '90s." (December 19, 2016) -Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times

-The 40 Best Albums by Phoenix Bands in 2016, Part One


"It's not a moody piece in any way — this is upbeat, danceable rock, but it's got enough grit to it that it sticks to your ribs. It's simply a great rock song." (December 6, 2016) -Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times

-The 50 Best Songs by Phoenix Bands in 2016, Part Two