Here we go, here we go, here we go now.........

To say that a lot has happened since we finished recording with Uncle Curtis at @STEMRecording, is an understatement. Our album has been successfully mixed and mastered and just about ready for release. After an arduous search for the perfect artist to translate our songs into the album cover, we were fortunate enough to be put into contact with Deon Doughty. Our connection with Deon was instantaneous and his artwork for the EP we are dropping and the full album are nothing less than amazing. You can check out his work and long-term project capturing the ever evolving AZ music scene at www.azrockandroll.com We have played several shows, but none like the shows we have this month. In January we played an EP release show for another local band, Moxie, by way of The Heartless Bartons, and found true friends. We kicked off our April show fury at @ThirdSpace on the 16th with Moxie (facebook.com/moxiemusicaz) and LA-based, Name the Band (facebook.com/nametheband). The energy from that show still has us on cloud nine! In fact, we and Name the Band are planning to put together a few Southern California shows together sometime in June so #StayTuned.

Tomorrow we are playing our biggest show to date at Crescent "fucking" Ballroom (as we affectionately call it)! And, once again, Uncle Curtis has taken us under his wing and, more importantly, trusted us with his reputation as a sponsor for this show. We are once again joined by our other band family Moxie and are excited to be playing with Monaghans Dixon (facebook.com/monaghansdixon) who also recorded at STEM. We are dropping our two song EP "Sleepwalker" for this show and are beyond excited, humbled and terrified!

Next up is planning a full-scale album release for our album "Somnambulist" and gigging, gigging, and gigging some more. We have shows at The Rebel Lounge and The Rogue Bar before the end of the month and don't plan to slow down anytime soon.

Now, this is all great and wonderful and somewhat surreal. But, we would not be here without the undying support of friends (old, new and gone-to-soon) and YOU, the fans. Yeah, we do this because we love it, but YOU, the fans make it all the more special. The connection that we have made with those that we would have otherwise never known is something that cannot be described. Fans are the fuel needed to keep on writing and playing and so, never stop being fans; never stop going to shows; and, NEVER ever stop being genuinely you and we promise to do the same.

With that, keep an eye out for our summer album release party for #Somnambulist sometime in May. See you at a show! #YMNerds #SleepwalkerEP #Somnambulist