Not Farewell, But See You Soon

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Our time at STEM is coming to a end, our album is almost done!  I can confidently say that we all have grown from this whole experience, learned a whole lot and made some great friend. Curtis, one of the very first things I remember you asking us was, "Have you started writing your second album yet?" Well, fear not #YMNERDS! we have a second album already in the works as I write this. Your support and guidance is and always will be appreciated, never forgotten, and thankfully you didn't hand us all "work boots".  Thomas, you have me day-dreaming about tones, transient sounds, and raw guitar POWA, and you did this--with a guy-- that doesn't know a chord the way that most do. Your patience, knowledge, and kindness will forever be remembered:

Thomas: *Click* "You ready?" *Click* MJ:"I'm good to go." Thomas: *Click* "Ok, here we go." *Click* Thomas: *Click* "Oh, and fuck off." *Click*

There are far to many things to list, but grateful for each and every one of them, you guys are the best.

Thanks to everyone that helped us along the way. Thanks to our families and loved ones both now and then, to our oldest and newest friends, and the support that each of you have given and continue to give. Your belief in us, love, and friendship will forever be valued.  We are very appreciative, more than I am able to convey. So, as we look forward to the future we see each of you at our next show :) and #StayTuned, more info to come!

Going Forward!

Forever Thankful,

Mike, Todd, Tom and Sean